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How negative self hypnosis can stop you sleeping!

You’ve seen the hypnosis shows. The hypnotist tells the hypnotised guy: - “When you try to get up out of your chair you’ll find that you’re stuck fast to the chair. You can’t stand up. The harder you try to stand up the more stuck you are” The man visibly struggles to get his legs to work but indeed he appears to be glued tightly to the chair. What is this amazing feat of control that the all-powerful hypnotist wields? This is what’s known in hypnosis as a direct hypnotic suggestion. The truth is that the hypnotist wields no power at all. What is happening is that the man in the chair has powerfully engaged in an imaginary process and is experiencing one of the truths of hypnosis, and in fac

Anxiety in an age of increasing complexity!

Welcome to my new blog page! I'm gonna jump straight in. So, the first rule of blogging is never to mention anything political. I'll start there then! :) It's a busy ol' World out there isn't it? The truth is, it's all moving a little bit TOO fast for some people. The kids are running rings around us now and we were well ahead of the curve in our day. My Dad likes to tell me that the reason he still can't operate his PC or tablet very well is because he was born in a different age. I like to remind him that there were no PC's in the 1970's either. I grew up climbing trees, playing football, and letting off stink-bombs in the school hallways. He's had exactly the same opportunities as me to k

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Hi! Welcome!


Well, let me say a few words about the intention for this blog. The truth is, there are endless anxiety and depression blogs out there filled with great advice and daily tips for coping etc. I champion all of that, and long may they continue, but "ten ways to beat anxiety" has been written to death, and the intention for this blog is for it to be a little bit different!


I’m leaving the door open to muse on whatever might be interesting, but it will usually root back to minimising stress in some way. There's certainly room for a little philosophical thought here too! 

Anyway…that’s what you can expect. I hope you’ll enjoy it! I’m looking forward to writing, and I hope you'll find plenty of inspiring food for thought! Thanks for being here! Back to Blogs!


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