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Every Author Needs Nice Reviews! 

Hey There Treasured Readers!

Every author needs nice reviews. 

Would it surprise you to learn that on average, an author will need to sell a thousand books to get one review? Of course, we may get a few more when we ask nicely. The point is, good reviews are like gold dust, and I am more grateful to you than you could know when you leave one. So...please...please...pretty please...if you have something nice to say about my find a moment. Thank you sincerely.   

How DO I leave a review?
What should my review say?

It recently came to my attention that sometimes readers don't leave reviews because they are nervous to do so! Don't be! You don't have to write an essay. You can say as much or as little as you like. One reader left five stars and one word - "Excellent".


The star ratings and a few words are far better than no review at all. Do be aware that Amazon consider THREE stars to be a "critical" review, so leave the star rating which reflects how you feel about the book with that in mind. Above all. Just be honest!  I'm super grateful for every single one! Thank you! 

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