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The OCD and Anxiety Workbook -
A CBT and Acceptance-Based Guide to Managing Intrusive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviours

Are anxious thoughts stealing your peace? Are doubts dictating your actions? Do safety routines dominate your day?

From the author of the much-loved Anxiety Relief, The OCD and Anxiety Workbook is a clear, gentle guide to working with Compassionate Acceptance for managing anxious disturbing thoughts and time-consuming safety behaviours.

Inside, we learn about the mechanics of intrusive thoughts and compulsions - why they happen, what they mean, and how to handle them skilfully.

We meet the brain’s security system - The Zealous Guard, and gain the tools necessary to challenge anxiety’s fearful self-talk with compassionate acceptance, proving to the anxious mind that “we’ve got this.” Eventually, it will agree.

Whether you’re an anxiety beginner or a hardened OCD warrior, this book is an educator, a coach, and a cheerleader that clarifies a murky subject with great care, empathy for the reader, and good humour.

This warm and experienced guide from an anxiety specialist therapist offers teachings from the front line, sharing all you’ll need to know to take charge of your life and recover your peace.

"You may have argued with your anxious intrusive thoughts ten thousand times. Now, you're going to stop arguing with them and walk out on them instead. It's their turn to do the doubting."

There is a path back to a peaceful mind.

Let The OCD and Anxiety Workbook be your trusted guide. Grab your copy today.

Anxiety Relief - Self Help For Anxiety, Panic Attacks, And Stress Management 

John Crawford has been a professional therapist specialising in the treatment of fear and anxiety-related disorders for over thirteen years. He is also an ex-sufferer himself. This mix of personal experience and professional understanding makes John extremely well qualified to explain why anxiety causes the symptoms that it does, and more importantly, to answer the question, "How do I stop feeling anxious?"


John says, “This is a book from the heart for people who suffer, but don’t know how to escape. I personally know the abject misery of deep anxiety, despair, and depression far too well. If you’re suffering, you really do have my sincere empathy. I also know how important it is to find a proper! This book is here to help you."

Anxiety Relief is written with the sole intention of giving you the deepest possible understanding of how to permanently resolve your Anxiety. It's designed, as far as is possible, to be a therapy in a book. It delivers more than twenty years of anxiety-related experience to your aid in just a few hours of reading, and when you've finished, you will have all the stress and anxiety management tools you need to fully recover. 

Anxiety Relief held a bestseller spot on Amazon UK for over three years. It's helped a lot of people! Are you ready to take your life back? Grab your copy today! 

How To Love Your Inner Human In A World Of Anxiety - Self Help Solutions To Not Feeling Good Enough

Who’s got your back? You do! Self-love is not a luxury item. It’s an absolutely essential part of happiness and confidence in a challenging world. If you don’t feel good enough, or just want to feel more at ease within yourself, then this book is for you.

In an illuminating journey of self-empowerment, John takes us from the stone-age to the stars, and from flawed to just fine. He demonstrates along the way how we can recover our lost power, forgive ourselves deeply, learn acceptance of our imperfections, and become our own best friend and ally for the rest of our lives. We cannot afford to leave this most important relationship to chance. 

This powerful, joyful book will guide you well beyond the standard “be kind to yourself” advice. It will provide you with unique heart-and-mind transforming tools to completely redefine your relationship with yourself, and the world - at the very deepest level. 

If you’re ready to make peace with your past, silence the world’s judgements, own your voice and protect yourself with fierce love, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in these pages. 

You may have been waiting a lifetime for this book. Grab your copy today because your inner human will thank you and life's better when you're a friend to yourself. 

Anger Management - Understanding. Healing. Freedom.

This is a book for people looking for help with anger management, but as is usual, this is not simply a book of therapeutic exercises. It's a book which will help you to understand your problem, from the roots up. Knowledge is power here. 

You'll learn exactly why anger exists, and the many reasons that it can be triggered inappropriately. In particular, there is a focus here on the role the subconscious mind plays in maintaining chronic anger. John leads us to understand why it's not simply a matter of willing yourself to be less angry. While those subconscious triggers remain in place you'll be fighting a huge uphill battle. Instead, we are led towards a deeper solution and encouraged to understand the reasons behind the anger. Once identified, John explains what is necessary in order to reclaim your true power and step away from attack as a form of defence. 


One of our tools to beat chronic anger is to work on creating healthy strategies for getting what you want and need. This is a book that recognises chronic anger as worthy of as much care and attention as anxiety or depression. While it stops well short of encouraging a "victim" mentality and occasionally talks tough on the necessity of making changes, it offers genuine hope and caring to the lesser-helped "angry" person. This book could really be the book that finally makes the difference for you and your loved ones.

Get your copy today because life is too short for regrets!

Dear Anxiety. This Is My Life - A Real-Life Recovery Story

When John’s frantic search for spiritual accomplishment delivered way more than he expected, things suddenly got extremely weird! A reality-shattering event propelled John, an ordinary twenty-two-year-old Londoner, into a terrifying world where the very fabric of reality itself could not be trusted.

This sounds like fiction. It is not.

Dear Anxiety is a first-hand account of John’s extraordinary journey of recovery from an existential crisis so profound that it left most therapists clueless about where to even begin. After many years of fruitless attempts to resolve the debilitating anxiety and depression which followed, John finally met a gifted therapist who was willing and able to go with him to the complex depths of healing necessary for recovery. He shares the journey and insights. 

Dear Anxiety is at once a deep and fascinating biography and a companion for people who are going through tough times.


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Onwards And Upwards - A Revolutionary Program To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

Are you grounded by fear? Convinced of catastrophe? Longing for the exotic? Onwards And Upwards is a unique five-step program designed to have you flying with confidence in less than two hours.

The program presented here has been fully road-tested in the real world, and carefully adapted for self-help here. In addition to the program itself, Onwards And Upwards will provide you with invaluable information to soothe your conscious concerns too.

Onwards And Upwards also comes loaded with two specially recorded professional hypnotherapy sessions which can be downloaded and used both before and during your travels.


Written with a lightness of spirit and exuding care for your wellbeing throughout, you’ll find this easy and illuminating read a joy.

Are you ready to re-claim your wings? Let Onwards And Upwards show you how it’s done!

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