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Contents - Expert Help For Anxiety And Depression


“Anxiety Relief” is a complete and professional guide to recovery for people suffering with stress, anxiety, or depression. I have been a professional therapist, successfully helping people to recover from anxiety, depression, panic, phobias, and OCD for more than thirteen years. My vocation isn’t merely academic though. I also know the territory intimately myself. Before becoming a therapist, I suffered with severe anxiety and depression for the best part of a decade. I know first-hand the complete despair of trying to recover, and repeatedly failing, so I know how important it is that you receive the information you need, and fast. This book is here to help!


Anxiety and depression can make each moment a torment to be endured, rather than a life to be lived. My personal recovery took much longer than it needed to because I didn’t have the right understanding in place, in the right order. I want to make sure that you don’t suffer the same fate.


This book will help you to understand:-


The scientific, evolutionary basis of stress, anxiety, and depression.


- That you have an "intellectual" brain and an "emotional" brain. Why the “emotional” brain creates states of anxiety, depression, stress, and panic, and how we can work this understanding to recover.

- Why anxiety and depression often persist, despite well-meaning attempts to heal, and what can be done about it.

- How and why anxiety and depression can reduce our control levels and make us temporarily less intelligent. Why this matters, and how you can regain control.


How to create the correct mind-set for deep and lasting recovery.


- Understanding the important difference between “curing” and “healing”.

- How to avoid energy-zapping, time-wasting, fruitless wrong-turns!

- The importance and respective roles of love, skill, and resources as recovery tools.

- Understanding therapy, medication, and self-help.


The accumulation of stress and tension in your nervous system, and how to “empty your bucket” effectively.


- Neuro plasticity - Neural pathways, habits of negativity, and how to rewire your brain.

- Why your bucket is “overloaded”, and how to stop adding to it.

- The role of sleep in reducing emotional arousal levels.


Why “fear of fear” is at the root of most anxiety disorders and exactly how you can overcome it.


- Why going to war with anxiety or depression will make things worse.

- How to stop beating yourself up for being anxious or depressed.

- Why consistency is “safe” and conditionality is “unsafe”.

- How to soothe your anxious or depressed self with empathy and acceptance, and break the “fear of fear” stalemate.

- Why are eight little words so important?


Staying S.M.A.R.T -Why how you think and behave matters. Learning practical skills for eliminating negative thinking and avoidance.


- How the language in your internal dialogue can alarm you, and how you can master the simple skills necessary to speak to yourself using language which soothes.

- Some of the basic principles and strategies used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


The importance of creating practical solutions to unhappy circumstances, and how to deal with your resistance to change!


- The principles underpinning Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, and how to use them without the need for a therapist.

- How to accurately identify your “needs” using “the miracle question”, and create the change necessary to have them met with minimum resistance.

- Practical strategies for worrying less, and gaining clearer perspectives on problems.

- How to avoid disappointment and failure by accurately assessing the level of “control” you have in any given situation.


How to deal with obstacles to progress.


- Recognising what may be holding you back from healing.

- Resolving the struggle between unconscious “needs” versus conscious “wants”.

- How to recognise unhealthy relationships and why it’s important to change your position in them.

- Why the word “no” is important, and how and why to be more assertive when necessary.


How to use tried and tested emotional de-arousal tools which really work.


- How to use many practical stress reduction tools effectively, and enjoy them! A free twenty eight minute deeply soothing relaxation recording (by me) is provided via a download and streaming link. (Worth the book price alone!)

- How and why what you believe affects the way that you feel, and how beliefs can be amended at the core level.

- Understanding the principles of hypnotherapy and how you can use self-hypnosis to reduce your anxieties.

- Exploring forgiveness as a gift to yourself, and learning how to “let go” gently and respectfully.

- How to recognise and re-negotiate restrictive negative “contracts” you may have made unwittingly with yourself.

- Why sweeping your emotions under the carpet will fail, and how to integrate difficult feelings successfully.

- Understanding the power of stories; where they come from, what they mean, how they affect you, and making sure that you surround yourself with helpful narratives.


A deeper look at depression, and what’s necessary to move out of the pit.


- Exercise, nutrition, brain chemistry, and drugs. How to support your brain and body during your recovery.

- How to deal with the main obstacles of depression such as apathy, lethargy, lack of pleasure, and de-motivation.

- A check list for recovery.


Anxiety and Depression as an opportunity.


- How suffering with anxiety and depression can bring you strength and richness of character when you’ve recovered.

- My personal journey of recovery. The pitfalls I faced, and how I overcame them.


Emotional Rescue


- How and why you can’t “think” or “talk” your way out of an anxious state. What to do instead!

- Plenty of encouragement, reassurance, and a final push of enthusiasm to remind you that it can be done!

- How to have realistic expectations about your recovery journey, and how not to freak out if you have a “blip”.

- This section is a complete reference section which you can refer to on difficult days.


There is much else here as well. I offer it to you with the sincere wish, as a fellow human being, that it will help you to stop your suffering, and find your way back to joy as quickly as possible! 






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