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Anger Management 


Anger Management has over 150 ratings on Amazon but is newly available at other stores. Please see Amazon UK for public reviews.

Are you tired of over-reacting?


Is anger making your life a miserable place to be?


Learn how to identify, heal, and re-program the roots of anger with this professional guide.

Have you ever considered that your anger might not be a personal failing?

We can find empathy for people suffering with anxiety or depression but often it’s only the victims of anger who receive any sympathy. The perpetrators are written-off as a bad lot. 

Anger Management is a book born from many years of working therapeutically with "angry" people. When we dig beneath the surface, we find stress, wounding, coping mechanisms and bad programming in evidence. 

Anger Management will explain how chronic anger is just as much a stress-related “condition” as these other difficulties, and why anger sufferers deserve compassion as much as anybody else. 

I’ve been professionally helping people to resolve their stress related difficulties for more than thirteen years and I’ve enjoyed working with “angry” people the most. Why? Because they are the least helped among us. They're also usually perfectly lovely people when they're calm. I know you didn’t ask to be angry. It can be overcome.

Using fictional case-studies, this book will explain clearly why you may feel so much anger in your being and explain why your subconscious programming is making it impossible for you to “will” yourself calm. With that understood, you’ll find practical, workable approaches here to understand and desensitise your triggers, live more peacefully, enjoy better relationship security, be more patient with the world, and get more of what you need without the stress or regret of anger and rage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Get your “yang” back in balance today with Anger Management - A professional guide for everyday folks from an experienced practicing therapist. You will learn:-

  • Why the brain creates angry responses when we feel threatened, and what you can do to soothe it.

  • How to recognise where your personal anger stems from, and how to heal it.

  • Why anger can feel good, but become an addiction.

  • The brain chemistry! Understand what you're up against!

  • Why "controlling" behaviour will drive those you love away, and how to invite them closer instead.

  • How to “use” anger appropriately to have people help you instead of resent you!

  • Why softness controls hardness, and how to implement that understanding in your life.

  • The incredible power of words, asking for what you need, and why "sorry" is the most powerful word in the English language.

  • Plus much, much more.

Also included in the book is a full professional anger management hypnosis session available for free download.

This clear and insightful book could help you change your life. If you're angry, and you don't know why, then don't be without it.

Buy Anger Management today to learn how to rescue your relationships, get more of what you want, feel prouder of who you are, and lead a life free from deep regret.


Click or tap for your chosen bookstore below. 

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