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Coming Soon - Official Release 23rd November 2023


The OCD And Anxiety Workbook

What if I picked up that knife and just slashed someone with it? 

What if I am actually insane? Can I trust myself?

What if I discover that I'm sexually deviant? Am I a danger to others? 

What if I'm sick or dying and don't know about it yet?


These are just a small sampling of the kinds of wonderful delights obsessive minds can serve up to anxious humans. Welcome to owning a human brain! It can be a tricky thing!

We don't like uncertainty. It bothers us at the best of times but some minds are built to worry more than others. Repetitive, unwanted, intrusive anxious thoughts can sometimes stick in the mind like a broken record, bringing more anxiety, more uncertainty, more avoidance, and more safety behaviours like cleaning or security routines. 


Most people are now familiar with the term Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder, or OCD for short, and that's what we call this problem when it becomes severe. But it's certainly not a problem which is exclusive to OCD sufferers. Anxious minds have a tough time too. 

Silence Your Anxious Intrusive Thoughts is many things. It is an education into the how and why of obsession which investigates areas as diverse as superstition, hypnosis, shock and trauma. It is a coaching companion which explains how you will free yourself from obsessions and/or compulsions as we later follow a fictional young lady's recovery process. 


Intrusive thoughts are a tough problem to beat. No sufferer should be without the facts. Silence Your Anxious Intrusive Thoughts delivers these with care, compassion, clarity and warmth, and it doubles as a coach, drilling home the points you need to remember and offering bags of encouragement to get it done. You CAN beat your obsessions and your compulsions. You can have a normal life. Many have succeeded. Let "Silence" be your guide.

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