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Anxiety Relief


Anxiety Relief has over 900 ratings on Amazon but is newly available at other stores. Please see Amazon UK for public reviews.

Is stress, anxiety, or panic ruining your life? Are you tired of failing to recover? Are those "quick fix" approaches failing to deliver results?

That may well be because you're much more like a garden than you are an electrical appliance. Healing anxiety is an organic process, not just nuts and bolts.


Anxiety Specialist Therapist, John Crawford, the author, learned this the hard way when he experienced a terrifying descent into severe anxiety and depression during his twenties and spent many fruitless years seeking the elusive "quick fix" solution before finally meeting a gifted therapist who guided him skilfully to understand what really makes full recovery possible. Now, almost 25 years later, with that understanding fully cemented, John has spent the last 13 years of his life working as a professional therapist, specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Relief is a warm, compassionate, and expert book to help anxious, panicky, or stressed people, written from both sides of the therapeutic couch.

If you're suffering, and you don't know how to gain relief from your anxiety, then this book is for you. It's wide in scope but laser-focussed on ensuring that you get results. The tools and understanding presented here are the same proven tools that John has been using to help anxious people successfully recover for many years.

Inside "Anxiety Relief" you’ll discover:-


  • How to create the correct mindset for full and permanent recovery from (even severe) anxiety.

  • How to fully understand the brain’s evolutionary role in creating stress, anxiety, depression, panic and negative thinking, and how to use that understanding to take back control.

  • Why self-love, the right resources, and appropriate skills are essential components for recovery when anxiety attacks.

  • Why just throwing random “techniques” at an anxiety problem won't resolve the core of the problem, and what to do instead.

  • How compassionate connection with your most vulnerable self will turbo-charge your recovery time and offer long-term stability, and how to do it.

  • Why your subconscious mind keeps you locked in anxiety, and how to work WITH that mind to stop the internal war!

  • How to avoid soul-destroying, resource-sucking wrong turns.

  • And much, much more!

Anxiety Relief is written with sparkling clarity to provide an expert step by step anxiety recovery system which any anxiety sufferer can understand and put into immediate use. This book goes well beyond the usual “Do this and you’ll feel better” formula however. It will provide you with an explanation of the many angles you can employ to make things better and provide you with the great missing ingredient that causes many anxiety sufferers to fail in recovery – HEART.

If that sounds mysterious to you, then there’s almost certainly something here that you’ve overlooked before. This book offers you the tools and understanding that will reach deep enough to finally make the real difference!


Buy "Anxiety Relief" today to let this powerful, practical, sincere book from a true "anxiety insider" show you how to reach to the HEART of your anxiety, and find your easy smile again!

Also available in audiobook.
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