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The Lost Art Of Touch

Oxytocin is good stuff. You can't buy it in the shops though. Oxytocin is a hormone/neurotransmitter which is released inside the body when we feel safe, wanted and loved. It's often been referred to then as the "love hormone". Put simply, it promotes bonding. A twenty-second-long hug is practically guaranteed to get this stuff moving in our veins but there are many other triggers too. Did you know that the word "darling" is derived from the word "dear-ling"? When something is dear to us, it is cherished. The addition of the suffix "-ling" implies "young". The implication is that your dearness to me is still young. It can grow. Intuitively, I always got that. It feels both respectful of our

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Hi! Welcome!


Well, let me say a few words about the intention for this blog. The truth is, there are endless anxiety and depression blogs out there filled with great advice and daily tips for coping etc. I champion all of that, and long may they continue, but "ten ways to beat anxiety" has been written to death, and the intention for this blog is for it to be a little bit different!


I’m leaving the door open to muse on whatever might be interesting, but it will usually root back to minimising stress in some way. There's certainly room for a little philosophical thought here too! 

Anyway…that’s what you can expect. I hope you’ll enjoy it! I’m looking forward to writing, and I hope you'll find plenty of inspiring food for thought! Thanks for being here! Back to Blogs!


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