Audio Books by John Crawford

Audio books are great! There. I said it. Why? Because you can absorb a book in times and places where reading is simply not possible. 


We are all leading busy lives. Reading is a pleasure for many, but it requires "sit down" time, and we don't all have that these days. With an audiobook though you can listen at the gym, while commuting to work, while out walking...well, you get the picture. 


It's no wonder then that audiobooks are the fasting growing product out there right now. Put simply, they deliver something unique. 


An audiobook is a completely different experience from reading a book yourself. Many readers like to have both versions of their favourite books, printed and audio. There's nothing quite like having the author of a non-fiction book deliver the words directly to your ears with all of the passion and intention that they heard in their minds when they set the words on the page. Fiction audiobooks are often narrated by professional actors, adding a whole new dimension to the experience.


Did you know? 


With Audible, you can get a no-strings-attached FREE 30-day trial? This is salesy, I know, but what's not to like? If you take the trial and decide audiobooks aren't for you, you simply cancel before thirty days are up (to avoid being charged), and you keep your "trial" book/s forever. Many discover a new world though and continue with a membership. 


Anyway. That means that if you don't already have an Audible membership, then you can choose from any one of these lovely audiobooks here and get one completely free (to keep forever) with your Audible trial. You keep the book free of charge, whether you continue with a membership, or not. No risk to you. Just something good!


So...take a look at my audiobooks by clicking the covers, choose the one you want, and get your free audiobook today! Enjoy! 


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