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How To Love Your Inner Human In A World Of Anxiety - Self Help Solutions To Not Feeling Good Enough
by John Crawford 


Who’s got your back? You do!


Self-love is not a luxury item. It’s an absolutely essential part of happiness and confidence in a challenging world. If you don’t feel good enough, or just want to feel more at ease within yourself, then this book is for you.

In a world obsessed with vanity, performance, status, and possessions, the pressure to measure up is making us unhappy and anxious. This book is an antidote to that anxiety.

You probably already know that you “should” be kinder to yourself, but inner-harmony often remains out of reach because we say “I will love myself when…I’m thinner, richer, or more successful”. No matter what we accumulate or achieve, it’s never going to be enough if the inner critic is still in charge the next day.   

John Crawford, a therapist with fifteen years of experience, and the author of the much-loved book “Anxiety Relief”, shows us how to end this restlessness by healing our broken hearts and recovering our “Original Innocence”.

How To Love Your Inner Human In A World Of Anxiety explores our shared humanity, examines our place in time and space, and invites us to reorient ourselves to the unconditional value we find in the healed human heart.  

In an illuminating journey of self-empowerment, John takes us from the stone-age to the stars, and from flawed to just fine. He demonstrates along the way how we can recover our lost power, forgive ourselves deeply, learn acceptance of our imperfections, and become our own best friend and ally for the rest of our lives.

This powerful, joyful book will guide you well beyond the standard “be kind to yourself” advice. It will provide you with unique heart-and-mind transforming tools to completely redefine your relationship with yourself, and the world - at the very deepest level. 

When nobody else knows what you’re going through, there’s only one person who can truly be by your side – and that’s you. We cannot afford to leave this most important relationship to chance. 

If you’re ready to make peace with your past, silence the world’s judgements, own your voice, and protect yourself with fierce love, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in these pages. 

You may have been waiting a lifetime for this book. Grab your copy today because your inner human will thank you, and life is too short to not have your best friend by your side!

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