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Hypnosis Downloads


I include free recordings with each of my books, and I have a couple of freebies for reader's group subscribers here: - 


Just pop your email address into the "sign me up" box and you'll receive the link for the recordings in your inbox immediately, free with no strings.   

Over the years, many people who have enjoyed my recordings have contacted me to ask where they could get more hypnosis recordings, especially with regard to specific worries or mental blocks. 

I have been recommending Hypnosis Downloads (Uncommon Knowledge) for many years. With over 1200 recordings covering everything from Anxiety to Love, no-quibble satisfaction guarantees and over half a million customers, they are the go-to people for hypnosis recordings. 

*Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link. I will receive a small commission for purchases made through this link. 

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