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The OCD and Anxiety Workbook -

A CBT and Acceptance-Based Guide to Managing Intrusive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviours

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Are anxious thoughts stealing your peace? Are doubts dictating your actions? Do safety routines dominate your day?

From the author of the much-loved Anxiety Relief, The OCD and Anxiety Workbook is a clear, gentle guide to working with Compassionate Acceptance for managing anxious disturbing thoughts and time-consuming safety behaviours.

Inside, we learn about the mechanics of intrusive thoughts and compulsions - why they happen, what they mean, and how to handle them skilfully.

We meet the brain’s security system - The Zealous Guard, and gain the tools necessary to challenge anxiety’s fearful self-talk with compassionate acceptance, proving to the anxious mind that “we’ve got this.” Eventually, it will agree.

Benefits of The OCD and Anxiety Workbook:

* Anxiety management explained - the brain, the mind, and the heart ♥. 

* Understand the "official" treatment for OCD  - CBT and ERP de-mystified. 

* Identify the roots of your specific anxieties and clarify the solutions.

* Master "compassionate acceptance" and learn how to access true safety - from within.

* Develop greater kindness and patience toward yourself.

* Step into an anti-obsession mindset - confidently. 

* Master self-support. Refuse unwanted behaviours - without doubts.

* Learn to use the right language to create hope and certainty within.

* Learn from a fictional case-study (drawn from real client therapies as a therapist) how real-world recovery plays out.  

* A toolbox full of anti-anxiety/obsession techniques that are easily learned and applied.

* Instructions for loved ones on how best to support you. 

* Get crystal clear on why bad thoughts don't make you a bad person!  

* A professional quality downloadable hypnotherapy recording specifically designed to support your recovery. 

Whether you’re an anxiety beginner or a hardened OCD warrior, this book is an educator, a coach, and a cheerleader that clarifies a murky subject with great care, empathy for the reader, and good humour.

This warm and experienced guide from an anxiety specialist therapist offers teachings from the front line, sharing all you’ll need to know to take charge of your life and recover your peace.

"You may have argued with your anxious intrusive thoughts ten thousand times. Now, you're going to stop arguing with them and walk out on them instead. It's their turn to do the doubting."

There is a path back to a peaceful mind.

Let The OCD and Anxiety Workbook be your trusted guide. Grab your copy today.

Available now from Amazon including Kindle Unlimited.

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