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If you'd like to see the full customer reviews of the book, you can see these on the Amazon Kindle website. Just click the reviews button and these will open in a new page. (You will need to click on "Customer Reviews".)

What Amazon Readers Are Saying: - 

“I found myself pausing for reflection often and really feeling that a weight was lifting”

“Totally eye-opening and very compelling”

“I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life and this wonderful book has had such a positive impact in a short amount of time”

“It's easy and even enjoyable to read, and he really knows his stuff. I'm half way through now and have already had so many 'ah-ha' moments, I would highly recommend it.”


"Remarkable - and much to respect. An excellent workbook by a highly experienced practitioner."

“Sometimes, it's the right time to hear something and there were sections of this book that have really stuck in my mind. That is praise indeed as I can often get to the end of a book and not remember a thing. In fact, in the two weeks since finishing this book, it has inspired and motivated me to make some major changes.”

“This is an excellent well-informed book which I would recommend to anybody suffering from the problems brought about by stress. In fact I think that there can be hardly anybody who would not benefit from reading it.”

Therapeutic Testimonials

I am also pleased to be able to share with you some reviews of my therapeutic work from some of my clients:-


"I approached John at two very low ebbs in my life - once in Bristol and later on in 2014. Put simply, his therapy - in many ways - saved my life. He provided a service that the NHS or other providers just did not have the abilities to do. He was very understanding about cost issues and I don't know what I would have done to face my demons without him. It is still a struggle - one day at a time. But without John's service, it would have been a lot worse. For severe mental health issues - suicidal thoughts, clinical depression and anxiety - the NHS does not provide the instant service John did. For this I will be forever grateful"




"I needed to make changes in my life to save my relationship with my partner. After two years of unsuccessfully trying to do this alone it was time to get some help. John was recommended to me by a trusted friend and as soon as I met him I knew I was in good hands. It was clear that he is an expert in his field and was drawing on his knowledge and experience to provide a tailored style of therapy to help me reach my goal. I also instinctively knew that he was challenging the status quo in the work that we were doing - that this was his own unique way - and I felt very lucky to have found someone with the courage to do this for the benefit of the people he was helping.


I found John to be very honest, open and human, and I felt confident and comfortable sharing personal information with him. After four sessions, I had to return overseas so John ensured I left armed with exercises that would allow me to build on the work we had done. 


And now? After two years of frustration my partner and I have never been happier. Thank you to John for the time and care he invested in me. He genuinely helped me turn my life around and opened the door for me to enjoy the fruitful relationship I so longed for. I would strongly recommend John to any individual or business that wants to see real results."


Caroline - Bath.


"I have had a big fear of public speaking ever since I was a child. I have spent my time in education and work always trying to avoid having to give presentations or speeches to large crowds. One thing I could not avoid was one of my friends asking me to be his best man at his very large and very grand wedding. The thought of giving a speech to 130 people made me worry about the wedding on a daily basis.

It was then I decided to try hypnotherapy in an attempt to improve my anxieties, to help me enjoy my friend’s wedding and to stop the worrying affecting my life in the run up to the big day. This decision was one of the best ones I have made! After contacting John about organising a therapy session he was extremely prompt, professional and helpful in his reply. He initially spoke to me on the phone for 30 minutes to talk to me about my anxieties and explained the process of the therapy.

When I met John for the first therapy session he was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and quickly put me at ease in a situation I truthfully thought might be a bit awkward. The sessions were all great and John provided me with a lot of resources and information to take home after each session.

With John's help I enjoyed my friend’s wedding, was not overcome with crippling nerves before the speeches and delivered a speech that everyone said was great. I even enjoyed giving the speech, something that seemed impossible before the hypnotherapy!"

DT - Bristol


"I came to John after a long battle with Anxiety and negative thoughts. It felt like I would never get out of the pattern. I instantly warmed to John. His calm and professional approach made me feel at ease and I felt I could truly relax in his company. John went out of his way to understand me, and really helped bring me out of a negative cycle. These days I'm now more positive and counteract a negative thought with a positive one. Onwards and upwards"


Sarah - Bristol  


“I would be happy to commend you as the service I received from you was first class. I cannot recommend John highly enough. I had no experience of hypnotherapy before I saw him. I was thoroughly impressed by his thoughtful, considerate and highly professional approach"


Mike - Bristol


I worked with John for around a year and a half during the most difficult time in my life. He was able to teach me tools that I use every day with ease. When I began therapy with him I was nervous that I would not be the right candidate for the work and that I was too anxious or stuck in my ways to benefit from it but I have found the opposite to be true. John patiently went over and over the same ways of reframing feelings and experiences that I had become totally stuck in to a serious degree. 


I have been able to pass on some of the tools John taught me to my friends and they have also benefitted greatly from them. John deliberately helped me feel safe and sane at a time when I was terrified that I was the opposite. It was instrumental in my recovery from anxiety.


Aside from the fore-mentioned benefits of the work I did in my sessions I also found John to be kind and pleasant company and very skilled at empathy. He had treated hundreds of people with anxiety before me but he was still able to see me as new and individual which is hard for people in any profession.


Mary – Bristol


Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the presenting is going really well. Since Our last session I've not had a bad presentation and feel confident in front of people I know and / or don't know.


R – Bristol


Just to say, I did it! Was pretty scary but I actually managed to relax into the flight at most points (something I thought would never happen), and if not, I went and sat with the stewardesses and chatted with them to keep my mind off of things. So, all was ok in the end. Hong Kong is great and I'm so happy to be here!


Thanks very much for all your help!


H- Bristol


I was telling a friend about the work you do and it made me think I'd send you a quick email. Hope you're well and your work is keeping you busy! So, it’s been over 18 months and a lot has happened. I am very, very pleased to say that I feel like my old self again most of the time....only I guess, maybe even a bit better for the experience....maybe! The work I did with you was the best thing I could have done. I’ve had very short periods of time where I've felt almost like I was slipping back again but I've been able to see the bigger picture and it's not lasted long and I've soon felt ok again - sometimes I have to draw on the exercises you taught me, but normally I don’t really have to do much but slow down. I got married last year and even have a baby now - she's 9 months old. That's a test on anxiety, with crazy hormones and a total lack of sleep, I can tell you! I guess I wanted to say thanks again and let you know that I'm still on track thanks to the sessions. I dread to think what I'd have been like now without them.

L - Bath


Thank you so much for the very helpful telephone session you gave me and for forwarding the link to these downloads to me.  In truth I didn't get the opportunity to look at these exercises before the birth of my son as I went into labour later the same day and my son was born at lunchtime at home.  I would like to thank you for your wonderful help as there is no doubt in my mind that the session in the morning triggered labour later that day and let me have my baby at home without any induction or any other intervention. 


Thank you so much.  It all made a lot of sense - the whole session - from explanations and background to the exercises - and was very sympathetically offered.  I am certain that hypnotherapy would be helpful to me in the future with all sorts of 'blocks' I have surrounding other areas of my life and I am sure I will be in touch with you again.  Right now though every moment of my time is pretty much accounted for so I'll have to leave that for the moment!


Thank you very much again for your empathetic help and I look forward to speaking to you again in the future.


R – Bristol


"I run my own company and went to see John several times in preparation for big work events like public speaking or tough HR issues. The sessions were really valuable in helping me to prepare mentally, stay calm and perform to my best. John has a very practical outcome focused methodology and is insightful and thorough."


HT – Bristol


I came to see John for help with my fear of flying. Throughout my sessions John helped me to effectively resolve not only my fear, but also deeper running issues that I had been suffering from. I found him to be extremely professional, friendly and focused, and he totally put me at ease every time we met. I would certainly return to see him if the need ever came up again.”


Bella - Bath


I did some work with John after a period of high stress when the convergence of pressure of the sale of my technology company, my mother’s death, and a serious health issue led to me being unable to cope both mentally and physically. John’s kindness of heart, wealth of personal experience and direct, honest manner helped me through the storm and restored a balanced perspective to my life. His ability to use his life experiences and subsequent life learning and apply them to the problems of others in very different situations sets him apart from others who have only read the books and not lived the life.


Mark – Bristol


I was so fortunate to find John when I needed urgent help for my teenage daughter. She had been locked into a frightening cycle of depression and suicidal thoughts that the adolescent mental health services had been unable to release her from. She didn’t fit the standard diagnoses or patterns of expected behaviour and was falling through the gaps as a result. In just two sessions, John took my daughter on a safe journey back to the source of her pain and enabled her to accept what had happened and move on from it. It was astounding. He released something that has changed her life. A year on and she is completely transformed. She is able to deal with life and look forward in ways that seemed impossible to her not long ago. John has real integrity and understanding. 


Sonia – Bath


It was just more than a year ago that I decided to go and see John, after suffering from lack of and disrupted sleep. At the time, I felt stretched and close to the point of breaking, and that's when I knew I needed to seek professional help. I arranged a first meeting with John and straight away I felt very comfortable talking about my personal issues with him and he was very open and accepting of what I had to say. Throughout the weeks, our sessions gradually helped me overcome my disrupted sleep and in the end, he taught me a genuine life lesson, which I still use today. One of the great things about John’s sessions was that he confidently explained what was going on in my brain and in my body. Of course, John’s speciality as a hypnotherapist was always a very daunting prospect to start with, but I assure you, it is an amazing craft in assisting others to realise and understand complex and troubling emotions. He certainly helped me in a time of need and I can never repay him for that. He is a professional, genuine, caring person and I would certainly recommend him to someone who needed help with any troubling issues."


Peter – Bristol


When I consulted John Crawford in Bath I had gained nearly three stones in weight following a period of sustained stress and was really keen to 'repair the damage'.  I had tried hypnotherapy previously but although I liked the therapy and had gained some insight into my problem, the results had been disappointing and I felt my conscious and unconscious minds were in a state of virtual warfare!  I was unable to lose any appreciable weight and felt I was suffering from an addiction. 


John's sympathetic and sensitive manner helped me to recover my self-esteem and the analytical sessions we had together gave me a new perspective on my problem.  I learnt that my unconscious mind was not my enemy and could become my friend and ally in my quest!  At all times John proved to be not only a skilled therapist but someone who was willing to listen to my concerns and was generous with his time. I have now shed 22 pounds in weight and feel confident I shall reach my goal - I do not think I could have achieved this without the insight I received as a result of my therapy with John.


I would not hesitate to recommend John as a sensitive, caring and completely genuine therapist with a pleasant, understanding approach that increased my confidence and motivated me to take myself in hand.  I wish him every success in his new venture.  Under his guidance I gained a great deal of insight and was helped to overcome a situation which had made me miserable for a long while. I cannot thank him sufficiently.


Jill – Bath


"John helped me when I was at a very low point and another hypnotherapist had given up on me! He was both very kind and compassionate as well as being professional and knowledgeable. I still use his hypnotherapy recordings.


Pam - Bath


I met John via the internet. I was at my wits end struggling with the symptoms of vertigo. I had this for years and no one could come up with an answer as to why I kept having these attacks. I nearly flew to America for help I was that distraught. After meeting with John and having explained how the brain works it was all made clear, something maybe Doctors should take a closer look at. I never realised that the human brain could send out, (if you like) messages, symptoms like vertigo in response to periods of anxiety. Why this happens I will never know, but after two meetings with John it helped me get through the last 5 years or so. I wish him all the best for the future, and remember life is too short for stress and anxiety.


Paul – Cornwall


John is a highly professional, perceptive and experienced therapist. He provided me with the tools to help get rid of habits and ways of thinking that held me back in achieving the best I can both in my job and for my wider goals in life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.


Simon – Bristol


I worked with a John for several years on and off and he was hugely important in helping me to deal with my anxiety issues and low mood. He used a number of evidence based techniques to help empower me to become more successful in coping with my issues. Together we addressed and questioned a number of dysfunctional thought processes and cognitive habits that I had developed and worked out ways to re frame these. The therapy he gave me ultimately resulted in a massive improvement to my mental health and sense of wellbeing. He is hugely knowledgeable on the subject of stress and anxiety and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending and endorsing John's work.  


Owen - Bristol


During a low time in my life I started getting anxiety and panic attacks. I had no idea what they were and it scared me tremendously. John was incredibly helpful with helping me get through this rough time. He made me feel safe, comfortable, and fully supported. During my sessions he created a safe place for me to hone into my anxious feelings and work with them - something I wasn't particularly comfortable with. John showed me different ways and methods to look at my worries and I have found them most useful. Most of all, he was a caring therapist which is really important.


L – Bath


I came across John by chance. As my husband was so impressed he had suggested I give his sessions a go. It soon became apparent how perceptive and experienced he was, but also how easily I felt I could trust him on a personal level.  He dealt with my issues in an extremely sensitive but insightful manner, maintaining a professional approach at all times. If I had to sum his qualities up in a few words I would say: "Wise, intuitive, resourceful, and not afraid of a challenge". Thank you for your immense help. 


C.C- Bristol


I came to John as a hypnotherapist by recommendation to help me to unravel some things that I knew were lurking beneath the surface that, after 52 years I felt I should deal with. John gave me expert care and was always professional, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. He guided me through some deep and stormy waters, and I finished a short course of hypnotherapy with him feeling that I had permission to let some things go. I have been able to move on and manage areas of my life that before had felt inaccessible, and I am a much more contented person as a result. Thank you John.


TW – Bristol


John has been an excellent hypnotherapist. Whilst working with him he was always willing to provide me with additional support when required in addition to our normal sessions. I now feel able to manage much better as a result of working with him, I would highly recommend him.


Simon – Bristol


I have only recently been a client of John. I was initially a bit cynical of hypnotherapy and particularly hypnotherapists but from the first session I felt trust in him. He has taught me a lot about myself and my problems and how to deal with them. Although I still feel a long way from being "recovered", John has taught me how to work patiently towards this. I am a lot more positive and a lot less hard on myself than before. I certainly miss my sessions with him. Whenever I worry about something now or don't know how to deal with a problem my husband says "What would John say?"


Margaret – Bristol


My therapy with John was very efficient. He quickly saw what was disturbing me and what we would need to work on. He helped put things into perspective, and see problems from a different angle. In particular he gave me the courage to confront these problems. I also learned techniques from him to cope with anxiety and prepare for stressful events so I now feel less nervous in many situations. I felt a lot better after each session and I think I made a lot of progress regarding anxiety, self-esteem, and managing expectations. This was my first time seeing a therapist and I had some apprehension, but John was able to make me feel comfortable during these sessions while focusing on my issues and looking for solutions. I am very grateful to have met John. Thank you again for your help John, I wish you a lot of success in your new career!


Anonymous - Bath


After years of struggling with bouts of severe Clinical Depression, Suicidal thoughts, self-hate, some self-harm, and a great deal of anger, I knew that I needed to deal with things head on, as I did not want to carry on how I was, and I certainly didn't want the way I was to keep impacting on my children.  I looked for help.  Something about John drew me in.  It was his written piece online for the practice he was working at. Something about his gentle features, you know when you just get that gut feeling that someone is right to help you.


Before I saw John, I had listened to a couple of relaxation cd's, ones with peoples voices telling me to relax, and this just wound me up even more! It gave me an unhelpful idea of using these cd's for the future.  However, with John's cd I had been able to deeply relax for the first time in my life!  The Hypnotherapy part of each session was just so enjoyable. It was time out just for me, away from everyone else and everything else. As a busy Mum I relished these times.  There was one particular session that was my breakthrough moment.  Whilst deeply relaxed, John led me through my mind back to my childhood.  He allowed me to be able to sit with my 10 year old self and comfort the hurt child in me. I visualised myself sitting on my bedroom floor of my family home. I saw how sad and hurt I was. Through John's suggestions in my relaxed state I was able to identify the very core of my problem. I didn't even know, until that very point, why I had so much anger and hatred towards myself. I am not going to divulge all of the details but it was something that my Mother had "joked" about with myself and my siblings that clearly, as a small child, I did not deem as a joke, and I had no idea how that had eaten away at my very being, had knocked my confidence right away and had deeply affected my own parenting skills. I thought my issues were due to my very controlling Father and his physical punishment towards me whilst growing up.  Guess what though, it was not even to do with him! Outward anger and "wrath" from my Father was so very less destructive than something said/joked about by my Mother.  


Since that crucial breakthrough I have never been the same person (in a good way) and I have NEVER looked back!  I am a confident Mother. I no longer drive my car like a maniac at 90mph thinking only of smashing into a wall head on with so much anger in my soul.  I have not had another episode of severe depression since.  My OCD and Anxiety is minimal. I learned so, so, much from John through his handout material explaining how anxiety works and the overload scenario that I still use this knowledge frequently and often pass these vital tools onto friends and family. I have referred friends to John and also one of my Daughters who were all helped tremendously. If anyone ever doubts the power of understanding of the human mind and overload system, deep relaxation and the art of Hypnotherapy then I have one word for you and that is "don’t".


John is a very special, gentle soul, and he "gets it" because of personal experience.  No-one can truly understand another in this way unless, as we say, "you have walked in their shoes". For someone who had never experienced Hypnotherapy before; John made me feel 100% comfortable, and totally at ease. His sessions were actually quite addictive but there was no need for many sessions as John rooted out the core of my emotional "verruca" so very quickly, and for that I am eternally grateful. To finalise, I can say that hand on my heart, I spend each day and night with a freed up mind and the ability to look in the mirror and smile at myself.  My experience with John was literally life-changing.


Angela - Bath


I first met John as the result of reading an article on the Internet where John talked about anxiety and depression. Up until this point I had always thought that anxiety and depression were a battle against my "nature" and experiences "nurture" and that I could never escape what was part of me. John explained that this was not the case and that he could teach his patients coping mechanisms. 


I subsequently had two periods of therapy with John. I found him to be a deeply caring and kind man, who demonstrated huge empathy for the feelings I was experiencing. As a result, I have learnt that my depression and anxiety were in my control, that there is always things I can do and that by using John's hypnotherapy tapes I can calm myself and take control again of my life. I am now free of depression and anxiety is something that I can manage in periods of stress. I unequivocally recommend John and have sent several friends to John for equally successful treatment.


Ron – Somerset


'I came to John for support in working through long standing anxiety, and to prepare myself for my future work as a health care practitioner. John focused on giving me practical and accessible tools for working with my anxiety, with an emphasis on a logical and clear understanding of what anxiety is and how it manifests. Through the use of deep relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques John supported me in understanding my personal experience of anxiety and where it stems from. I came away from the sessions with numerous methods for managing my anxiety and a stronger foundation for my future career. I found John's approach practical, down to earth and well-focused on accessible solutions to the task in hand. Considering the deep and sensitive nature of the work, I found John's light, warm and professional approach very welcome. I would certainly recommend John to individuals or groups wishing to find practical solutions to working with anxiety and also to those wishing to further develop skills as therapists and healthcare professionals.' 


A.A – Bath



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