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John Crawford

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When John’s frantic search for spiritual accomplishment delivered way more than he expected, things suddenly got extremely weird! A reality-shattering event propelled John, an ordinary twenty two year old Londoner, into a terrifying world where the very fabric of reality itself could not be trusted.

This sounds like fiction. It is not.

Dear Anxiety is at once a deep and fascinating biography, and a companion for people who are going through tough times.  

Why Am I Giving All This Away?

That's simple. I want to share my work with you. I already know I can help people who are suffering with anxiety, but you don't...yet!  It's a way for me to introduce myself and let you know that I'm here and have something of value to offer. This way, you can decide for yourself. That's all. Plus, I hope you'll enjoy the book and the recordings!

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