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Thanks for being here.

I'm excited about this launch. I hope you'll love the book!

















The Bookfunnel link in your email will deliver your book.

As explained, authors are not permitted to offer a book in exchange for a review. We are permitted to send review copies to people who will choose to leave a kind review. That's the spirit of the free book offer. I'm most grateful to you who are able to reciprocate. 

Here's how it works in practice. 

I send you the book early. I publish the book quietly and tell you it's there. You leave your review. One week later, I launch the book officially with fanfare and advertising and it already has some positive starter reviews. Magic! With early sales and reviews, the book gains visibility. That's my goal. I need your help to achieve that. 

This team is now almost 300 strong! Thank you. For many of you that wasn't a "click a button" step. You emailed me to join and looking through the team list, I see many now familiar names,  as we've spoken. I know a little about some of your lives and some interesting conversations have been had. Quality readers! You're not just a list to me. There are people at the end of those mail addresses, so a sincere thank you. It makes this so much nicer than in the early days when a list was faceless. Hello again! 

Please enjoy the book and keep an eye out for emails from me. I'll send you simple instructions for pre-publication feedback and how to leave your reviews, towards the end of the reading period.






The link for your book is in the email you clicked to see this page.

For a bit more about what's been happening at Anxiety HQ here, read on...

Well, this was a long time coming, wasn’t it? I have author friends who knock out a book a month! Don’t compare us 😊

Believe it or not, I have been working on the book since 2019 consistently but I had some major delays, not least of which was an undiagnosed poorly (fatty) liver. I was misdiagnosed as being healthy when I was not. Alongside fatigue, my concentration was shot. I kept writing anyway but much of those writings did not make the final version. I brutally scrapped forty thousand words of writing as the book took shape. That hurt. I learned that as easy as authors make it look, books cannot be forced. If it ain’t flowing, it ain’t going!

Now you’re wondering. Booze? Well, it didn’t help. I quit drinking alcohol in April 2023, as soon as I learned that my liver was in trouble but mostly it was down to diet. I largely avoided sugar and high-fat foods but I didn’t recognise how damaging white flour and potatoes could be on the metabolic system. Those low glycemic index foods convert starch to sugar with enough haste to trouble the body. When I spoke to fellow sufferers on forums, I learned that a high number of them never drank alcohol. Who’d have thought that food could be worse for your liver than booze? I live and learn.

I’m now four stones lighter, slim and trim, and my liver tests recently showed normal function again (yippeee...I did it!) but it may have cost me a gallbladder. I await a surgery appointment as we speak. NHS waiting lists are about a year. We won't go there, eh?  

So, it’s all wholegrains and veggies these days. I’m still not 100% fit but my liver is fine now and I’m in good spirits and better health. I have informed the Universe that I plan on staying around for a while. 

This was a challenging book to write at the best of times. The subject of intrusive thoughts is potentially encyclopaedic in nuance. How to catch it all? Plus, do I speak only to OCD people or people with anxious thoughts only? And what’s the difference anyway? I think I nailed it. The thing I’m most proud of about this book is what is NOT in it. There already exist many books on exposure and response prevention tools. CBT is available far and wide. The temptation to stray from the book’s central messages to try to cover some of that ground too was strong but I didn’t deviate. My mission was to teach people not only how to do the brain-change work but also how to be in the correct mindset to really take the bull by the horns. That requires a great deal of how and why. You will know what I mean when you’ve read it. 

I know from experience that many intrusive thoughts sufferers really wanted to have a chat about the condition as much as they wanted to receive formalised treatment. As a therapist, I was paid to focus on results, and time was often short. This book represents the conversation that I wanted to have with each of them, had we eight clear hours to natter! Well, now we do.


The focus is on curiosity rather than pages of CBT exercises. I believe that when we understand our position, then we can improve things much more efficiently than just doing CBT exercises. At one level, it’s mechanics.

I’m pleased with it. I’ve read it cover to cover three times now and it has the Zen flow that I aimed for. While it is not a book for everybody, I feel excited to imagine how nourishing it could be for the right person at the right time. I hope that is received.

I decided not to include mention of my recent health challenges in the book but it was an anxious time. I had to change ALL of my bad habits overnight. Like my life depended on it. Because it did. So, I lived the lessons in the book as I wrote them down. I hope that gave the writing more immediacy. It certainly helped me to know that I was speaking with integrity. 

That’s my news for now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. Though it won't be a match for everyone, I'd like to think that most anxious minds will find benefit in reading it. 

Thanks for being here. The book is logged with the main sellers and waiting to be set live. I'm looking at a formal release date of 16th November. This will be a "soft" launch, meaning that only you guys will be informed that it has gone live for sale. Anyone can buy it at that time but I won't be tooting a trumpet for it until the following week. It's during that week that I will ask you to leave reviews. I'll send easy instructions at the time. 

Thanks again! 

All my best

John <3

You can email me at: 

Please direct technical enquiries regarding book downloads to Bookfunnel. They are experts in helping. I'm not. 

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