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Where are my books?

Hello from Bristol, England!

Thanks so much for buying direct from my Payhip store at John Crawford Author. Choosing to go the extra mile to help me cut out the giant middle men is supporting the little guy!  Thank you. 

***This page will help you with the BookFunnel download process.***


Instructions for Downloading Your Purchase


1. Check your email inbox for a message from BookFunnel with the subject line "Your BookFunnel Download Link." Ensure it is the same email address you used to purchase the product. Allow up to ten minutes for delivery.

2. If you don’t see the email, check your spam or junk folder.

3. Open the email and click on the download link provided.


4. Follow the instructions on BookFunnel to complete your download.

Go to: and sign in using your email address. 

Bookfunnel - What is it? What's involved?

Back in the "olden days", we'd have to explain to a reader how to load the book onto their device and it was too much of an ask. No more! Now, the Bookfunnel app handles the entire process so that your books open to read on ANY device in one or two clicks. The app functions nicely for ebooks and audio books with all of the clarity and ease that you'd expect from an app provided by the big guys.


We authors are told that we can rest easy in Bookfunnel's capable hands as their customer service promises to solve any readers' techie issues with ease. I've never had a single complaint and I've been using the service to deliver my free book for seven years. Most independent authors use the service so once installed, it will open up a new world of books to you too. In short, it works, it's reliable, and it should be hassle-free. I hope you'll find your experience of it is the same.  

This is your checkout delivery link.

Reader's Help:

Hello and thanks for purchasing this ebook and audiobook bundle. 

This message is not the books. Your products are delivered to you via the Bookfunnel app which will load your books onto virtually any reading device in a few easy clicks. 

Please check the email address you used to purchase your books. Look for the mail from That contains the links and codes for your book/s. Allow up to ten minutes for the mail to arrive. Check your spam and promotions folders if you don't see it arrive shortly.  

Install the Bookfunnel app and sign in with your email address. Your books are tied to that email address and should be ready for use when you open the Bookfunnel app. Enjoy!   

Alternatively: Go directly to Install the Bookfunnel app and sign in using the same email address you bought the books with. Your books should be ready for immediate use inside the app. 

If you have technical issues with the BookFunnel app, please email:  They are renowned experts at getting books to readers fast and easily.  

If you have any issues with the purchase of your book/s please email me at: I want happy customers. I'll aim to resolve any problems right away! 

Happy reading and listening. Thanks again. 


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