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4 Simple Tips For Looking and Feeling Better - A Guest Blog.

Thank you to Cheryl Conklin at Wellnesscentral for offering to write this article as a guest blog. She has a sweet website full of generous tips and reminders for health and wellbeing. The link is at the bottom of the blog. Enjoy!

Looking and feeling good can elevate so many aspects of your life, from your self-confidence to the way you cope with life issues as they arise. It’s not always easy to achieve, however, especially if you’re living with anxiety or have a lot of stress on your shoulders. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can try to elevate your overall wellness, such as finding resources from others who have had similar experiences. You Can Fix Your Anxiety has several books available on mood-related issues and how to cope with them, from anxiety to anger management. You can also look for ways to boost your self-esteem, which has multiple benefits for your wellbeing.

Give yourself an update.

Whether you’re planning a socially-distanced summer vacation or just want to find some comfortable, cute clothes to wear at home, updating your wardrobe is an easy way to boost your confidence. A new bra or robe can replace older items that get a lot of use, while stretchy, supportive leggings will give you the movement you need to keep up with the kids during the day while remaining stylish enough to go out in. To take the feel-good vibes even further, get rid of an older item for each new piece you buy. This will prevent your closet from becoming cluttered and overfull and will keep things neat.

Refresh and rejuvenate.

If you and your family members have been feeling tension in the house lately, it might be helpful to refresh more than just your wardrobe. Go through your home and give each space a good cleaning, and take your decluttering skills from the closet to the kitchen. Clear off the counter, organize the pantry, utilize storage tools, and give your living space a rejuvenating makeover by moving furniture and decor around. On warm days, open the windows and freshen up the air quality inside your house. You might be surprised at how much better you feel when your surroundings are clean and neat.

Get outside.

Letting some fresh air into your home is a great start, but it’s also beneficial for your mental and physical health to get outside often. Whether you’re working in the garden to plant things, taking the dog for a walk, or playing with the kids, spending some time outdoors can boost your mood and can even help you improve your sleep. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, look for ways you can get out of the house and get active, and ask a friend or loved one to join you for an added mood boost.

Take control.

If you’re living with anxiety, it can sometimes feel like the world doesn’t make sense. You might be dealing with sleep issues, anger, or a lack of productivity during the day, or you might be unable to focus on your responsibilities due to near-constant worry. One way to get through your anxiety and make it easier to cope with is to take control of as many aspects of your life as possible. Getting outside and setting an active routine is one option, but you might also change up your diet for the better by eliminating refined sugars, or seek counselling or therapy to help with a mental health or addiction issue. By taking action, you can fight back against anxiety. Read more about how to help yourself through anxious feelings in the books recommended at You Can Fix Your Anxiety.

Managing your health can be a frustrating process at times, so it’s important to find simple ways to get started. You can also look for support from friends and family or from support groups full of like-minded people.

Have a question for John Crawford at You Can Fix Your Anxiety? Fill out the contact form and get in touch.

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