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Dear Anxiety. This Is MY Life.

A Real Life Recovery Story - FREE from instaFreebie

When John’s frantic search for spiritual accomplishment delivered way more than he expected, things suddenly got extremely weird! A reality-shattering event propelled John, an ordinary twenty two year old Londoner, into a terrifying world where the very fabric of reality itself could not be trusted.

This sounds like fiction. It is not.

Dear Anxiety is a first-hand account of John’s extraordinary journey of recovery from an existential crisis so profound that it left most therapists clueless about where to even begin. After many years of fruitless attempts to resolve the debilitating anxiety and depression which followed, John finally met a gifted therapist who was willing and able to go with him to the complex depths of healing necessary for recovery.

Dear Anxiety is at once a deep and fascinating biography, and a companion for people who are going through tough times.


John Crawford went on to become a successful full-time professional therapist. He has now been specialising in the treatment of anxiety related disorders for over thirteen years.

This is John's third published book, and Dear Anxiety, This Is My Life is yours free of charge from instaFreebie. Tap the button below and download your copy today!

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